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Get all commands List

1). Open Terminal, and press "Tab" button twice, it will say open all 4119 possibilites, those all are list of commands

4119 is just number, that i see in my device, in your device , it could be more or less.

Tab Completion (Auto complete command )

Tab completion is such a nice tool and increases our productivity with huge margin. Whenever we are working on command line and we some times don't remember the file name or anything. Just hit tab after first character and you will see the magic gowing.

1). <tab> in a text terminal will autocomplete the command on condition that there is only one option.

Example :-

I have a file with name "askdha sdaksdkashdkakahdk.jpg" and i want to delete this file from command line. So, typing whole file name would be crazy and single typo error will increase chance of trying again by 1. Now, here comes "<tab>" life saviour.

user@rocky$ rm -f a<tab>

if there are no other file name that starts with "a", it will instantly complete file name. But wait. I pressed <tab> and it does nothing.

Don't worry , Press <tab> twice to see what are other file name that starts with "a" and you will need to type next character that will differentiate from other file. Just press <tab> twice.

Command History

1). Press <Arrow up> key and you will get your command which you typed earlier, but this is limited to one session only.

Scroll through Multiple page output.

1). Press <Shift>+<Pg Up> or <Shift><Pg Dn> to scroll through all pages.

Screen Reolution in GUI

1). Press "<ctrl><alt><+>" to increase the reolution.
2). Press "<ctrl><alt><->" to decrease the resolution.

Note:- In X-Windows it may be necessary to add the resolution setting size to "X-Windows" configuration file (eg. "/etc/X11/XF86Config"), The first resolution size identified will be default setting.

Terminating the GUI Environment

There are certain times when it becomes hard to close the GUI Environment, than on those time you can kill the X-Windows Environment by using either of the key combinations:-

1). <ctrl><alt><backspace> :- This will terminate and will provide command line.
2). <ctrl><alt><delete> :- The majority of distro will catch this and will reboot the system.

Terminating a running Applications:-

There are sometimes when application too dont respond properly than you can kill their process too by typing pressing below command:-

<ctrl><c> :- This will send kill signal to the current process.

Close a terminal Window

To terminate the current terminal window use this command


Note:- If you press this twice, you will be log out.

Stopping and Resuming Transfers

To stop press below command


To resume it back press :-


Placing Current Process in the background:-

There are times when the current running application does not need to be monitored than you type the command to run it in background.


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