User Management

User management involves adding user, deleteing user, changing user group and it's permissions.

1). adduser username -> Command for creating user on localhost. "useradd" command is equivalent as "adduser" command.

adduser w3clan

2). "groupadd groupname" -> This will add group with groupname.

groupadd verified_members

3). "passwd username password" -> This will change the password of username with "password" as password.

passwd w3clan w3box

4). "chmod permission file_name" -> This command is used to "chmod" change the permission for file.Files permission are set using three modes:-

r -> read only permission.
w -> write only permission.
x -> execute permission.

and there are three usergroups-> "Root {Owner}", Group, Other{Public}.
So permission is given in forllowing formats:-

1). rwxrwxrwx -> this means permission give to all user to read, write and execute, which for security purpose is not
recommended to set. This is also defined in "777" mod.
2). rwrx-xr-xr -> this means owner can read,write and execute, group & other can read and execute only, this is
recommended for folders/directories.
3). rw-r-r -> this means owner can write and read, and groups can read this is recommended for files.


chmod 755 /home/w3box/www/

5). "chown owner_name file_name" -> This command changes the owner of file (filename). This is to be done after copyig files from root to different locations.

chown w3clan w3box.php

6). "chgrp group_name file_name" -> This commands changes or adss the group of specified file (filename).Even this command has to be run after copying file from another system or location.

chgrp registered w3box.php

7). "su username" -> "su" means substitute user, so thi command allows the end user to login as another user such as root.For this end user has to be type the specified password for the username which he wants to login.

sudo -su root // there should be root for you or the one you have in your system.

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