Compare and find difference in File and contents of File between 2 folders

Sometimes, when you make a backup of files and folders and do not sync together, then it must have become hard for you to identify changes between 2 files and changes between 2 content over-all inside 2 folders, right?

Well here is the nice cool solution for you, if you run Unix like systems like "Linux" or "Macintosh". All you have to do is use "diff" command. It's simple:-

Open a terminal and Run a command like below:-

diff -ENwburq /path/to/folder-one /path/to/folder-two

and that's it, Press enter and the whole new list will appear in front of you if there is any difference between file or contents of the file between two folders.

NOTE: do not forget to replace "`/path/to/folder-one`" and "`/path/to/folder-two`" with your own folders, that you wish to compare.

To find out more, what does `diff` does, simply run below command:-

man diff

If you need to know, what all those arguments `-ENwburq` does and what are other arguments, you can use, simply run below command:-

diff --help

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